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Capacitor Inductor Calculations

Inductors can be imagined as the opposite of capacitors. The main difference between a capacitor and an inductor is that a capacitor carries a protective dielectric between its plates, which inhibits the conduction of current across its terminals. Here it acts like an open circuit. On the other hand the inductance of an inductor is … Read moreCapacitor Inductor Calculations

Use this Capacitor Tester to Find Leaky Capacitors Quickly

capacitor tester circuit

This simple capacitor tester is capable of testing electrolytic capacitors in the range of 1uf to 450uf. It can test large start and run capacitors as well as 1uf miniature capacitors rated at 10v. Once you understand the timing cycle, you can test down to 0.5uf and up to 650uf. By Henry Bowman How to … Read moreUse this Capacitor Tester to Find Leaky Capacitors Quickly

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