Wireless Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit

Charging batteries through inductive wireless charging is one of the applications that’s becoming very popular and getting appreciated by the uses. Here we’ll study how to make a wireless Li-Ion battery charger circuit using the same concept. Any electrical system which involves wire networks or cables can be very messy and cumbersome. Introduction Today the … Read moreWireless Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit

One Transistor Automatic Battery Charger Circuit

A very simple single transistor automatic battery charger circuit is described in this article, which uses just a single transistor for the voltage detection as well as for automatically disconnecting the battery from the supply when it gets fully charged. Circuit Operation As shown in the diagram we can see a straightforward configuration where a … Read moreOne Transistor Automatic Battery Charger Circuit

Self Regulating Battery Charger Circuit

The post explains how a neat little self regulating automatic battery charger circuit can be made using just two inexpensive transistors. How it Works As can be seen in the diagram, this auto-regulating battery charger circuit utilizes just two transistors for detecting the charging thresholds, and cuts off the process as soon as these limits … Read moreSelf Regulating Battery Charger Circuit

5 Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuits Explained

Lead acid batteries are normally used for heavy duty operations involving many 100s of amps. To charge these batteries we specially need high current battery chargers rated to handle high ampere charging levels for long periods of time. Here we discuss one such automatic lead acid battery charger with high Ah charging capacity. This 5 … Read more5 Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuits Explained

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