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Simple IC741 based Low Battery Indicator Circuit

The proposed circuit was requested by one of the avid readers of my blog. It is a low battery warning indicator circuit using opamp 741 and can be used for monitoring a particular low battery voltage threshold. Circuit Operation The circuit may be understood with the following points: 1) The entire configuration is wired around … Read moreSimple IC741 based Low Battery Indicator Circuit

Simple Analogue Weighing Scale Machine

Learn a super simple procedure to make a weighing scale device useful for measuring smaller magnitudes of weight. The Concept The concept is very simple, a light beam is allowed to pass through a linearly colored ribbon and fall over an LDR. The color shade of the ribbon positioned in front of the light source … Read moreSimple Analogue Weighing Scale Machine

Room Temperature Monitor Circuit

A very simple yet highly precise air temperature sensor gauge circuit has been presented here. The use of the highly versatile and accurate IC LM 308 makes the circuit respond and react superbly to the smallest temperature changes happening over its surrounding atmosphere. Using the Garden Diode 1N4148 as the Temperature Sensor Diode 1N4148 (D1) … Read moreRoom Temperature Monitor Circuit

Make a Simplest Temperature Indicator Circuit

A very simple temperature indicator circuit can be built by interconnecting a single transistor, a diode and a few other passive components. Using Transistor as a Heat Sensor As we know that all semiconductors have this “bad habit” of changing its basic characteristics in response to ambient temperature changes. Especially basic electronic components like transistors … Read moreMake a Simplest Temperature Indicator Circuit

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