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Infrared (IR) LED Flood Light Circuit

In this post we study a simple infra red based flood light system which can used for illuminating large landscapes during night for monitoring wide aresa through IR spectacle. The Design The adjoining design shows a simple IR flood light circuit diagram for IR illumination applications.The 4049 section is the basic voltage doubler circuit which … Read moreInfrared (IR) LED Flood Light Circuit

LED Strobe Light Circuit with Chasing, Flashing Effects

You might be quite familiar with colorful LED strobe lights, and should have seen them pretty commonly in parties and discotheques. Let’s see how we can make one such circuit at home using LEDs. Although these devices use laser light a for the generation of the required strobe effect, using high bright LEDs can also … Read moreLED Strobe Light Circuit with Chasing, Flashing Effects

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