Over Current Cut-off Power Supply Using Arduino

In this post we are going to construct a battery eliminator / DC variable power supply which will automatically cut-off the supply, if the current flow through the load exceeds the preset threshold level. By Girish Radhakrishanan The proposed over current cut-off power supply circuit using Arduino has 16 X 2 LCD display, which is used … Read more

Using Digital Potentiometer MCP41xx With Arduino

In this project we are going to interface a digital potentiometer with arduino. In this demonstration potentiometer MCP41010 is used but you can use any digital potentiometer of MC41** series. By Ankit Negi INTRODUCTION TO MC41010 Digital potentiometers are just like any analog potentiometer with three terminals with only one difference. Whereas in analog one … Read more

High Current Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller using Back EMF

For proper commutation most 3-phase BLDC driver circuits rely either on a sensor based feedback or from an external 3-phase sync signal, contrary to this our present sensorless high power BLDC motor controller circuit does not depend on sensors or any external signals for operating the motor, rather very simply processes the back EMFs from … Read more

Inverter Voltage Drop Issue – How to Solve

Whenever PWM is employed in an inverter for enabling a sine wave output, inverter voltage drop becomes a major issue, especially if the parameters are not calculated correctly. In this website you might have come across many sine wave and pure sine wave inverter concepts using PWM feeds or SPWM integrations. Although the concept works … Read more