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Simple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit

In this post we learn a straightforward procedure for building a simple refrigerator using Peltier device for generating the required cooling effect inside the fridge. How Peltier Device Works We are all familiar with a Peltier device and know how it functions. Basically it works on the principle of thermo-electric effect (opposite of Seebeck Effect) … Read moreSimple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit

How to Calculate Transformerless Power Supplies

This post explains how to calculate resistor and capacitor values in transformerless power supply circuits using simple formulas like ohms law. Analyzing a Capactive Power Supply Before we learn the formula for calculating and optimizing resistor and capacitor values in a transformerless power supply, it would be important to first summarize a standard transformerless power … Read moreHow to Calculate Transformerless Power Supplies

Single Transistor LED Flasher Circuit

Can you imagine of making a formidable little LED flasher or blinker using just a single transistor and a couple of other passive parts. How it Works That looks too good to be true, however the following diagram will simply prove that it’s really possible to create a legal LED flasher circuit using just one … Read moreSingle Transistor LED Flasher Circuit

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit for TV sets and Refrigerator

stabilizer relay transformer wiring diagram

Here we will study the design of a simple automatic mains AC voltage stabilizer which can be applied for safeguarding appliances like TV and refrigerators from fluctuating voltages. A voltage stabilizer is a device which is used to sense inappropriate voltage levels and correct them to produce a reasonably stable output at the output where the load … Read moreAutomatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit for TV sets and Refrigerator

How to Make a Dual Tone Siren Circuit

This two tone siren circuit explained here gives out a continuously varying high amplitude sound. Since the supply voltage is not critical, it can be used in cars, motor cycles or at home. It can replace the ordinary call bell. Circuit Operation The circuit consists of two separate free running multivibrator and an oscillator.A free running or … Read moreHow to Make a Dual Tone Siren Circuit

Connecting Two or More Transistors in Parallel

In this post we will learn how to safely connect multiple transistors in parallel, these can be BJTs or mosfets, we will discuss both. Why Parallel Transistor become Necessary While making power electronic circuits, configuring the power output stage correctly becomes very crucial. These stages primarily may consist of power devices like the power BJTs … Read moreConnecting Two or More Transistors in Parallel

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