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About Us

Brief Introduction Homemade circuits was founded in the year 2011 by Swagatam, initially it was started in blogger.com and then migrated to wordpress. Prior to this the author used to work as a content writer in Brighthub. Homemade circuits was started with an aim to share and spread the knowledge of electronic concepts freely among … Read moreAbout Us

Simple Adjustable Industrial Timer Circuit

The post discusses a simple and effective industrial timer circuit which can be universally used for most industrial and home timer based applications. The idea was requested by Mr. Vasilis K. Technical Specifications I have a question regarding the 4060 ic wired as “one shot timer.” If it can power on the two monostables from … Read moreSimple Adjustable Industrial Timer Circuit

Pellet Burner Controller Circuit

The following post explains a programmable sequential timer with controller circuit which may be used for automatically controlling a homemade pellet burner/boiler system. The circuit was requested by Mr. Vasilis. Technical Specifications I have used your circuit on my homemade pellet burner that uses a 12V Ac motor for the feeder screw running 8 sec … Read morePellet Burner Controller Circuit