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Bug Detector Circuit – RF Sniffer Circuit

A bug detector is a device that detects hidden wireless electronic devices such as wireless microphones, spy cameras, Wi-Fi devices, GPS trackers or any gadget that emits some kind of radio frequency (RF). The proposed design can be specifically used as: Wi-Fi Signal Detector Circuit FM Transmitter Signal Detector Circuit Wi-Fi Spy Camera Detector Circuit … Read moreBug Detector Circuit – RF Sniffer Circuit

Wireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

music light effect

This simple circuit will create dazzling LED light effect by detecting any music frequency in the atmosphere and by illuminating a 10 LED bar graph meter, indicating the level of music. The proposed circuit is suitable for applications where music and entertainment are involved, such as in parties, festivals, get to togethers etc. Since the … Read moreWireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

How to Make a Wireless Robotic Arm using Arduino

robotic arm working simulation

This robotic arm circuit which can be also implemented like a robotic crane, works using 6 servo motors and can be controlled through a microcontroller remote control, using an Arduino based 2.4 GHz communication link. Main Features When you are building something as sophisticated as a robotic arm, it must look modern and must include many … Read moreHow to Make a Wireless Robotic Arm using Arduino

Wireless Office Call Bell Circuit

call bell remote control circuit

In this post we are going to construct wireless office calling bell which can be used for calling 6 different personnel from head’s / boss’s desk or some other calling bell type fun project for your home. Using nRF24L01 2.4 GHz module We will be constructing a simple wireless calling bell using Arduino and nRF24L01 2.4 … Read moreWireless Office Call Bell Circuit

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