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How Crank Flashlights Work

How to make a crank flashlight circuit

A crank flashlight basically works by hand cranking a permanent magnet motor, which generates electricity for illuminating the attached LEDs. Motor Becomes a Generator Normally, a permanent magnet motor is used for executing a rotational movement by applying a DC potential across its specified supply terminals. However we also know that the same motor can … Read moreHow Crank Flashlights Work

Simple Faraday Flashlight – Circuit Diagram and Working

In this article we are going to construct a Faraday flashlight circuit using only a coil/magnet assembly which requires no battery. It’s not free energy, but it converts oscillatory motion to electricity, which can power the flashlight for a couple of minutes. This flashlight will be useful in emergency situations where no access to electricity … Read moreSimple Faraday Flashlight – Circuit Diagram and Working

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