How to Make Powerful Car Headlights Using LEDs

In this post we see how to build an enhanced and efficient car headlight lamp using Pirhana LEDs. Using 4-pin Pirhana LEDs You might be pretty familiar with the ordinary two-pin, 5mm white LEDs, which are by no means “ordinary” and produce lights at reasonably high intensities. However when it comes to 4-pin LEDs, the … Read moreHow to Make Powerful Car Headlights Using LEDs

Automatic Vehicle Headlight Dipper/Dimmer Circuit

The circuit described here can be built and used in your vehicle for an automatic dipping and dimming operation of the vehicle headlamps, in response to the intense lights coming from an opposite vehicle headlamps.  Why an Automatic Headlight Dimmer/Dipper is so Important in Vehicles You must have come across this irritating situation while driving at night … Read moreAutomatic Vehicle Headlight Dipper/Dimmer Circuit

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