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LM3915 IC Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

If you are having difficulty in understanding how to use an LM3915 IC, this article will help you to easily construct any desired applicable circuit using this IC. Here, we will discuss the datasheet of the IC LM3915, its pinout functions, its main electrical specifications, and also a few useful application circuits. General Description The … Read moreLM3915 IC Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

Alcohol Detector Meter Circuit using MQ-3 Sensor Module

MQ-3 sensor LM393 comparator circuit

The simple alcohol detector circuit discussed here will accurately sense the emanation of alcohol gas from a selected source, such as from the mouth of a drunkard, when used as a breathalyzer. It’s cheap and a useful device which can be used by all authorized personnel such as a cops or traffic police for nabbing drunken … Read moreAlcohol Detector Meter Circuit using MQ-3 Sensor Module

Wireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

music light effect

This simple circuit will create dazzling LED light effect by detecting any music frequency in the atmosphere and by illuminating a 10 LED bar graph meter, indicating the level of music. The proposed circuit is suitable for applications where music and entertainment are involved, such as in parties, festivals, get to togethers etc. Since the … Read moreWireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

Simple Tea Coffee Vending Machine Circuit

A simple tea, coffee vending machine circuit idea is explained here which allows a customer to access the beverage with a press of a button and by inserting a genuine 5 rupee coin. The idea was requested by Mr. Ramesh. Circuit Objective and Requirement I need the water puling mechanism like coffee vending machine if … Read moreSimple Tea Coffee Vending Machine Circuit

Battery Backup Time Indicator Circuit

The post explains a battery backup time indicator circuit for monitoring the battery power usage by the connected load and for estimating the approximate remaining backup time of the battery. The idea was requested by Mr. Mehran Manzoor. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I want a circuit which shows remaining time of backup of my computer … Read moreBattery Backup Time Indicator Circuit

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