Illuminated Crosswalk Safety Light Circuit

The article explains a simple illuminated crosswalk safety light circuit for ensuring a safe walking passage for the user amidst heavy traffic. The idea was requested by Mr. John. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I recently came upon your website while researching circuits for a hobby project i’m working on. I certainly admire your work. I … Read moreIlluminated Crosswalk Safety Light Circuit

Triac Phase Control using PWM Time Proportional

A triac phase control using a PWM circuit can be useful only if it’s implemented using a time-proportional format, otherwise the response could be haphazard and inefficient. In a few of of my earlier articles as given below: Simple Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Circuit Push Button Fan Regulator with Display Circuit Dimmer Circuit for LED … Read moreTriac Phase Control using PWM Time Proportional

Sunrise Sunset Simulator LED Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a sunrise/sunset simulator circuit using LEDs and just a couple of BJTs. The idea was requested by Mr. Jerry Circuit Objectives and Requirements Apparently natural daylight is best for humans in regulating our circadian rhythm. I would like to build an LED lighting circuit to control ceiling … Read moreSunrise Sunset Simulator LED Circuit

Natural Mosquito Repellent Using High Watt Resistor

As the name suggests, to build this simple natural mosquito repellent circuit you will just require a high watt resistor, a few drops of lemon eucalyptus oil and  mains supply input. Chemical Based Mosquito Repellent are Harmful for Health You might be already familiar with these popular ready made mosquito repellent units which come in … Read moreNatural Mosquito Repellent Using High Watt Resistor

Simple Refrigerator Protector Circuit

This simple refrigerator protector circuit is actually a delay ON timer circuit which makes sure that whenever a power failure occurs or in case abrupt power fluctuations take place, the refrigerator is never allowed to switch ON instantly, rather after a delay of a few moments. Conventional Protection Features Today most modern refrigerators are equipped … Read moreSimple Refrigerator Protector Circuit

Remote Controlled Submersible Pump Circuit

The article discusses a simple remote controlled submersible pump circuit which could be simply configured using any standard 2 channel 433MHz remote control modules. The idea was requested by Mr. James Smith Circuit Objectives and Requirements I have read a lot of your post and have successfully implemented them several times. Now I want a … Read moreRemote Controlled Submersible Pump Circuit

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