Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit using IC TP4056 – Constant Current, Constant Voltage

The post elaborately explains a single chip CC/CV or constant current, constant voltage Li-Ion battery charger circuit, using the IC TP4056. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION The TP4056 is a comprehensive constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV) linear charger IC specially designed for safely charging single cell lithium-ion batteries. It comes with a  SOP package and hardly any external component … Read more

Universal Battery Charger Circuit with Fixed Resistors

This universal automatic battery charger circuit is extremely versatile with its functioning and can be adapted for all types of battery charging and even for solar charge controller application. Universal Battery Charger Main Features A universal battery charger circuit must have the following main features included in it:1) Automatic battery full charge cut-off, and automatic … Read more

Battery Level Indicator Circuit using Arduino

In this post, we are going to construct a battery level indicator using Arduino, where a series of 6 LEDs show the level of the battery. If you are interested in monitoring and maintenance of your 12V battery, this circuit might become handy. By: Girish Radhakrishnan All batteries have certain voltage limit to discharge, if … Read more