Free Electricity Geneartor in Cars, Motorcycles or any Vehicle

The following free electricity generator circuit in cars and motorcycles was inspired from the oscillating dolls, and idols inside vehicles which may be seen constantly swaying and moving due to the vehicle’s uneven motion or whenever brakes are applied. Whenever a vehicle is stopped or braked, a huge amount of energy is wasted in the … Read more

Generating Electricity from Piezo Transducer

Generating electricity from piezo could be as easy as making a flick with your finger….. curious to know how? Let’s learn more about this amazing device called piezo, which can be used for generating music as well as electricity. Piezo material is a crystalline substance which has the property of generating electricity when its crystalline … Read more

Free Energy from Induction Cooktop

The idea of acquiring free energy from induction cookwares using an external bifilar coil was suggested by one of the keen enthusiasts and a regular visitor of this blog. Let’s learn more regarding the details of this interesting free energy device, as explained by the author himself. WARNING: THIS CONCEPT ATTEMPTS TO VIOLATE THE “LAW … Read more