UP DOWN Logic Sequence Controller Circuit

Using a set of latch/reset networks it becomes possible to allow a logic to move in a forward sequence, switching ON a given set of outputs HIGH, in response to an alternating input clock. And once the max limit is reached, the input clocks begin shutting down or withdrawing the sequence in the opposite order. … Read moreUP DOWN Logic Sequence Controller Circuit

Motorcycle Button Start Locking Circuit

In this post we discuss how to modify an existing button start system in motorcycles so that it’s disabled as soon as the engine has started and gained the required minimum amount of RPM. The idea was requested by Mr. Jordan Circuit Requirements I just discovered your splendid site/blog with focus on education about electronics. … Read moreMotorcycle Button Start Locking Circuit

How to Connect Transistors (BJT) and Mosfet with Arduino

In this article we elaborately discuss the correct methods of using or connecting transistors like BJTs and mosfets with any microcontroller or an Arduino. No matter how well programmed or coded your Arduino may be, if it’s not correctly integrated with a transistor or an external hardware, could result in inefficient operation of the system … Read moreHow to Connect Transistors (BJT) and Mosfet with Arduino

2 Simple Bidirectional Motor Controller Circuits Explored

IC 556 bidirectional motor speed control

The first article below discusses a Full bridge or H bridge based Bidirectional motor controller circuit using the 4 opamps from the IC LM324. In the second artilce we learn about a high torque bidirectional motor controller circuit using IC 556 Introduction Generally, mechanical switches are accustomed to adjust the direction of rotation of a … Read more2 Simple Bidirectional Motor Controller Circuits Explored

Understanding Amplifier Circuits

In general, an amplifier can be defined as a circuit designed to boost an applied low power input signal into a high power output signal, as per the specified rating of the components. Although, the basic function remains the same, amplifiers could be classified into different categories depending on their design and configurations. Circuits for … Read moreUnderstanding Amplifier Circuits

Learning Basics of Semiconductors

In this post we comprehensively learn regarding the fundamental working principles of semiconductor devices, and how the internal structure of semiconductors function under the influence of electricity. The resistivity value between these semiconductor materials neither has a complete conductor characteristic nor a complete insulator, it is in between these two limits. This feature may define … Read moreLearning Basics of Semiconductors

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