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Using Microwave Oven Parts to build a Soldering Iron Heat Controller

Typical microwave wiring diagram

In this post we learn how to scavenge discarded microwave oven parts for making a useful soldering iron heat controller circuit which can then be used for maintaining controlled heat over a connected soldering iron tip ensuring safe soldering operations, that may be quite crucial and handy if you are working with SMD parts. By … Read moreUsing Microwave Oven Parts to build a Soldering Iron Heat Controller

2 Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuits

In this article we are going to construct a couple of simple Arduino based automatic temperature regulator circuits which will turn on the fan or any other gadgets connected to it, when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-determined threshold level. We are going to utilize DHT11 sensor and arduino for this project. By: Arduino Guru … Read more2 Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuits

Kiln Temperature Controller Circuit

A programmable sequential timer along with a triac dimmer is configured for making this kiln temperature controller circuit, further details are explained in the following article. The idea was requested by Mr. Joe. 220V Kiln Controller with Timer I’m hoping you have some time to have a crack at a design I’m after. I’ve been … Read moreKiln Temperature Controller Circuit

Autoclave Heater Controller Circuit with Timer

In this article we learn how to make simple, accurate autoclave heater controller circuit with timer. The idea was requested by Mr. Rajjab. Circuit Objectives and Requirements This is Rajab Ali from AfghanistanWe need a circuit for controlling an autoclave for sterilization in hospital the machine works as. when starts cycle by pushing start button … Read moreAutoclave Heater Controller Circuit with Timer

Simple Thermostat Circuit Using Transistors

The electronic thermostat explained here can be used to control the room temperature by appropriately switching (turning on and off) a heating device. By: R.K. Singh Operational details of electronic thermostat The circuit employs a thermistor NTC (negative temperature coefficient) as the sensor device. – As long as the ambient temperature stays higher than the … Read moreSimple Thermostat Circuit Using Transistors

Differential Temperature Detector/Controller Circuit

The circuit identifies and detects the temperature difference between two sensors and activates a relay when the temperature is not identical on these differently positioned sensors. By: Manisha Patel It’ll also enable you to detect a difference in temperature, although the temperature sensing devices can be set are discretely, using a potentiometer. Operational Details To … Read moreDifferential Temperature Detector/Controller Circuit

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