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SG3525 Full Bridge Inverter Circuit

In this post we try to investigate how to design a SG3525 full bridge inverter circuit by applying an external bootstrap circuit in the design. The idea was requested by Mr. Mr. Abdul, and many other avid readers of this website. Why Full-Bridge Inverter Circuit is not Easy Whenever we think of a full bridge … Read moreSG3525 Full Bridge Inverter Circuit

3 High Power SG3525 Pure Sinewave Inverter Circuits

The post explains a 3 powerful yet simple sine wave 12V inverter circuits using a single IC SG 3525. The first circuit is equipped with a low battery detection and cut off feature, and an automatic output voltage regulation feature. This circuit was requested by one of the interested readers of this blog. Let’s learn … Read more3 High Power SG3525 Pure Sinewave Inverter Circuits

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