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SCR Shunt Circuit for Protecting LED Drivers

The post presents an effective method for protecting capacitive LED driver circuits through an SCR shunt regulator circuit and explains how it can prevent filter capacitors from blowing of and LEDs from getting destroyed. The remedy was requested by Mr. Max Payne. Protecting High Watt LEDs Please suggest regarding 3W, 5W LED bulb circuit design fault. … Read moreSCR Shunt Circuit for Protecting LED Drivers

Motorcycle SCR Shunt Regulator Circuit

The circuit presented here is a Rectifier plus Regulator for a 3-Phase charging system of Motorcycles. The rectifier is full-wave and the regulator is shunt-type regulator. By: Abu Hafss  Motorcycle Battery Charging System A motorcycle’s charging system is different from that on cars. The voltage alternator or generator on cars are electro-magnet type which are … Read moreMotorcycle SCR Shunt Regulator Circuit

Simple Scrolling RGB LED Circuit

A simple RGB (Red, Green, Blue) moving or scrolling LED display can be made using a few 4017 ICs. Let’s learn the procedure in detail. Understanding RGB LED RGB LEDs have become quite popular these days due to its three-in-one color feature, and because these can be driven independently using three distinct supply sources. I … Read moreSimple Scrolling RGB LED Circuit

How Thyristors (SCR) Work – Tutorial

Basically an SCR ( Silicon Controlled Rectifier) which is also known by the name Thyristor works quite like a transistor. What  SCR Stands for The device gets its name (SCR) due to its multi layered semiconductor internal structure which refers to the “silicon” word in the beginning of its name. The second part of the … Read moreHow Thyristors (SCR) Work – Tutorial

Grid-tie Inverter (GTI) Circuit Using SCR

Grid-tie inverter concepts may appear to be complex due to the many criticalities involved with them, however with some intelligent thinking it could be actually implemented using primitive technologies. One of the ideas has been explored here. Introduction The discussed idea of a simple grid-tie inverter circuit was suggested by one of the interested readers … Read moreGrid-tie Inverter (GTI) Circuit Using SCR

Make this LED Driver Circuit for Backlighting Small LCD Screens

In this post we study a LED driver circuit specially designed for backlighting LCD screens applications, Introductionlet’ learn more about this interesting device. Introduction Today LCD products have become very common and a part of our everyday life. Whether it’s your cell phone, DVD player, TV set, car, all incorporate LCD screens for indicating or … Read moreMake this LED Driver Circuit for Backlighting Small LCD Screens

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