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Generator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

The article explains a generator/UPS/Battery relay changeover circuit for implementing a customized optimization for a generator, UPS, battery power network, in order to enhance the operational efficiency of the system. The idea was requested by Mr. Sidingilizwe. Circuit Objectives and Requirements First of all thank you for adding me to your circles. Do you offer … Read moreGenerator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

Solid-State Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits Using Triacs

The post explains 2 simple concepts for making solid-state triac based Inverter/mains AC changeover circuit, the idea was requested by Music girl. Technical Specifications I would like to replace the SPDT relay with 2 scr’s. Would you consider a circuit to replace those changeover relays? I believe a relay would need to handle 60 amps … Read moreSolid-State Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits Using Triacs

Petrol to LPG ATS Circuit using Solenoid Changeover Valve

The post explains a simple mains to generator automatic transfer switch (ATS) which features an initial petrol start which switches to an LPG gas supply via fuel valve changeover switches. The idea was requested by Mr. Junaid. Technical Specifications sir i want to make my generator automatic start on petrol then shift the generator on … Read morePetrol to LPG ATS Circuit using Solenoid Changeover Valve

Optimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

The post discusses a circuit method which may be used to automatically switch and adjust the stronger counterpart amongst the solar panel, battery and the grid such that the load always gets the optimized power for an interrupted error for operations. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj. Technical Specifications Your projects/ circuits on https://homemade-circuits.com/ are truely inspirational … Read moreOptimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

Dual A/C Relay Changeover Circuit

The post explains a simple relay changeover circuit which may be used for switching a couple of A/Cs or any similar load alternately in order to avoid misuse and save power. Technical Specifications Here is the situation: State: California. Facility: Church. The electric rate is greatly influenced by peak usage in any 10 or 15 … Read moreDual A/C Relay Changeover Circuit

Transformerless Relay Driver Stage

In this post we discuss an enhanced transformerles power supply circuit design which consists a well stabilized and regulated DC stage along with a relay driver stage which operates through an external pulse. he idea was suggested by Mr. Reza. Technical Specifications Reza: Dear Sir, I have a problem with one Circuit regarding converting an … Read moreTransformerless Relay Driver Stage

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