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1500 watt PWM Sinewave Inverter Circuit

SPWM 1500 watt inverter circuit

A vey basic yet reasonably efficient 1500W PWM based sinewwave inverter circuit can be studied under this post. The design utilizes very ordinary parts to accomplish a powerful SPWM type inverter circuit. Main Specifications Power Output: Adjustable from 500 watts to 1500 watts Output Voltage: 120V or 220V as per the transformer specs Output Frequency: … Read more1500 watt PWM Sinewave Inverter Circuit

PWM Inverter Using IC TL494 Circuit

A very simple yet highly sophisticated modified sine wave inverter circuit is presented in the following post. The use of the PWM IC TL494 not only makes the design extremely economical with its parts count but also highly efficient and accurate. Using TL494 for the Design The IC TL494 is a specialized PWM IC and … Read morePWM Inverter Using IC TL494 Circuit

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