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Timer Controlled Submersible Pumpset Circuit

The post details a timer circuit for submersible borewell pumpset which alternately switches the pumpset ON/OFF at a predetermined rate in order to allow the ground water sufficient time to restore at regular intervals and to ensure a consistent water supply to the attached overhead tank. The idea was requested by Mr. Siva. Circuit Objectives … Read moreTimer Controlled Submersible Pumpset Circuit

How to Make LED Air Pollution Meter Circuit with Arduino

In this project we are going to construct an air pollution meter using MQ-135 sensor and arduino. The pollution level in the air is indicated by series of 12 LED. If higher the number of LEDs glows, the higher the pollution content in the air and vice versa. By: Girish Radhakrishanan  Overview This project can … Read moreHow to Make LED Air Pollution Meter Circuit with Arduino

“WELCOME” Chasing LED Display Circuit

The post explains how to make a chasing “WELCOME” display circuit sign board, which illuminates each alphabet sequentially until all the 7 alphabets are lit and then the whole display shuts off, the cycle continues permanently as long as the circuit is powered. Overview I have already discussed a similar concept explaining a bar graph … Read more“WELCOME” Chasing LED Display Circuit

Sunrise Sunset Simulator LED Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a sunrise/sunset simulator circuit using LEDs and just a couple of BJTs. The idea was requested by Mr. Jerry Circuit Objectives and Requirements Apparently natural daylight is best for humans in regulating our circadian rhythm. I would like to build an LED lighting circuit to control ceiling … Read moreSunrise Sunset Simulator LED Circuit

How to Add a Dimmer Facility to a LED Bulb

In this article we learn how to make a dimmer circuit for LEDs bulbs and LED tubes which are intended to be operated with mains 220V or 120V. How LED Bulbs Work We know that our ceiling fans and incandescent bulbs can be easily controlled using triac dimmer switches, and we are quite used to … Read moreHow to Add a Dimmer Facility to a LED Bulb

SCR Shunt Circuit for Protecting LED Drivers

The post presents an effective method for protecting capacitive LED driver circuits through an SCR shunt regulator circuit and explains how it can prevent filter capacitors from blowing of and LEDs from getting destroyed. The remedy was requested by Mr. Max Payne. Protecting High Watt LEDs Please suggest regarding 3W, 5W LED bulb circuit design fault. … Read moreSCR Shunt Circuit for Protecting LED Drivers

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