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Solar Boost Charger Circuit with LED Driver Dimmer

The article explains a simple solar boost charger with LED driver circuit which also includes a single push dimmable feature. The idea was requested by Mr. Ashutosh. Technical Specifications Hi swagatam, Myself Ashutosh. I m very new to ur website, n i ll say u r superb, u r doing one of the best thing … Read moreSolar Boost Charger Circuit with LED Driver Dimmer

LED “Halogen” Lamp Circuit for Motorbike Headlamp

The post explains a simple 21 watt LED lamp circuit module which can be used as a direct replacement for a standard halogen lamp used in motorcycles headlamp. LED vs Halogen Lamp The proposed “halogen” LED lamp replacement module image can be seen below:   Conventional filament type halogen lamp is shown below: The image … Read moreLED “Halogen” Lamp Circuit for Motorbike Headlamp

Knight Rider LED Chaser Circuit

The article discusses the construction details of the popular “knight rider” chaser circuit incorporating LEDs as well as mains operated bulbs through triacs. The proposed circuit is transformerless and is thus a lot compact and light weight. The Circuit Concept It’s basically a light chaser or a running light effect generator circuit, quite resembling the … Read moreKnight Rider LED Chaser Circuit

Bicycle LED Light Circuit Using a Single 1.5V Cell

The proposed bike flasher flashes two white LEDs from a single 1.5V cell by using a solitary general purpose transistor, and does not need core for the involved transformer, the main core being the Air itself. Using Joule Thief Concept Every Joule Thief circuit uses ferrite rod or toroid core and its turns are wounded … Read moreBicycle LED Light Circuit Using a Single 1.5V Cell

How to Connect 5mm LEDs to a 3.7V Li-Ion Cell

The article explains regarding how to connect and illuminate a few 5mm LEDs using a 3.7V Li-Ion cell, normally used in cell phones. I keep receiving requests from the readers who seem confused with the connection details of 5mm LEds with a 3.7V Li-ion cell. The requests inspired me to write this post, hopefully it … Read moreHow to Connect 5mm LEDs to a 3.7V Li-Ion Cell

Cree XLamp XM-L LED Datasheet

The XLamp XM-LED can be considered as the highest performing, single die solid state LED module which is able to produce lights at ultra bright intensities. Let’s learn it’s datasheet, specifications. High Illumination Efficacy Due to it’s ultra bright and high efficiency values, the Xlamp becomes highly suitable for applications such as in automotive headlamps, stadium flood lights, for … Read moreCree XLamp XM-L LED Datasheet

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