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Autoclave Heater Controller Circuit

In this article we learn how to make a simple and accurate autoclave heater controller circuit with timer. The idea was requested by Mr. Rajjab. Circuit Objectives and Requirements This is Rajab Ali from Afghanistan. We need a circuit for controlling an autoclave for sterilization in hospital the machine works as. when starts cycle by … Read moreAutoclave Heater Controller Circuit

Heater Controller Circuit Using Push-Buttons

Controlling a heavy electrical appliance with push buttons can be extremely convenient since it allows a solid state approach for operating the parameter both ways up and down by mere push of the relevant buttons. Here we discuss a heat controller circuit using a set of push buttons and PWMs. Using a Digital Push Button … Read moreHeater Controller Circuit Using Push-Buttons

Make this Geyser Water Heater Timer Circuit with Automatic Switch OFF

In this post we study a simple water heater timer controller circuit which can be used in bathrooms for automatically switching OFF a geyser or a water heater unit after a predetermined time period as preferred by the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Andreas Technical Specifications Many of us when we need hot … Read moreMake this Geyser Water Heater Timer Circuit with Automatic Switch OFF

Simple Thermostat Circuit Using Transistors

The electronic thermostat explained here can be used to control the room temperature by appropriately switching (turning on and off) a heating device. By: R.K. Singh Operational details of electronic thermostat The circuit employs a thermistor NTC (negative temperature coefficient) as the sensor device. – As long as the ambient temperature stays higher than the … Read moreSimple Thermostat Circuit Using Transistors

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