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Smart Emergency Lamp Circuit with Maximum Features

In this post we learn about a simple yet sophisticated automatic emergency light circuit which can be considered “smart” due to the involved advanced features and an inexpensive design. The idea was requested by Mr. Lokesh. Technical Specifications Hi sir, I am so glad to see your interest towards electronic circuits. So eagerly waiting for … Read moreSmart Emergency Lamp Circuit with Maximum Features

Li-ion Emergency Light Circuit

The post presents a simple Li-ion emergency light circuit with over charge and low battery cut off features. The Circuit was requested by Mr. Saeed Abu and Y0f4N. Technical Requirement Bro thanks for ur reply. Actually im Pharmacist(M.Pharm) & Electronics is my hobby. So i go through ur mentioned link & i dont understand ur … Read moreLi-ion Emergency Light Circuit

IC 555 Automatic Emergency Light Circuit

The discussed simple IC 555 based emergency lamp system employs just a single IC 555 and yet is able to switch more than 20 LEDs directly, it will illuminate the LEDs only during the absence of mains power and ambient light. The Circuit Concept The proposed circuit is not only simple, it offers some very … Read moreIC 555 Automatic Emergency Light Circuit

Solving LDR Controlled LED Emergency Lamp Problem

The following post discusses an automatic LDR controlled emergency lamp circuit problem which was requested to me via email by one of the keen followers of this blog. Let’s learn about the issue and its solution. Technical Specifications Dear Sir, I am following you on your website and I thank you for your valuable contributions as I … Read moreSolving LDR Controlled LED Emergency Lamp Problem

Cell Phone Emergency Charger Pack

In this post  we discuss the construction of a simple emergency charger pack for your cellphones and smart phones for emergency charging of your cellphone, so that next time you are never stuck on a highway with a full discharged dead cellphone battery. Circuit Concept It often happens, our cell phone goes into a low … Read moreCell Phone Emergency Charger Pack

LED Emergency Light Using Boost Converter Circuit

The following emergency light circuit uses a very common voltage boost converter concept for making a group of white LEDs illuminate at relatively lower power supplies. Let’s learn how to make this interesting and useful little LED boost emergency light circuit. Yet again we take the help of the evergreen work horse, the IC555 for … Read moreLED Emergency Light Using Boost Converter Circuit

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