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TV Remote Control Tester Circuit

Remote control tester circuit using an opamp

We all use remote control handsets for controlling various household devices such as TV, AC, Music systems, curtains etc, and sometimes we seem to have problems with these devices, or even a newly purchased remote controller unit occasionally seem to malfunction, and identifying the issue becomes quite difficult for us. This simple 2 transistor circuit … Read moreTV Remote Control Tester Circuit

PIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

The post explains a simple circuit using Passive Infrared or PIR for making an automatic solar LED lamp which can be used for illuminating your home automatically at sunset, and only in the presence of a human member in the premise. By SS Kopparthy Introduction Here, in this article, a simple yet useful and improved version … Read morePIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

How to Make a Simple Milliohm Tester Circuit

milliohm meter tester circuit

I wanted a milliohm tester circuit that could be used to measure resistance on printed circuit boards to track down shorted components. I looked at several designs and combined several ideas into this project. By Henry Bowman Circuit Operation Referring to the schematic, the milliohm tester is powered by two 9 volt dry cells. The … Read moreHow to Make a Simple Milliohm Tester Circuit

Simple MOSFET Tester and Sorter Circuit

This simple MOSFET tester does a quick job of testing both enhanced mode type N and P-channel mosfets. It checks for shorts between gate, drain and source. Designed By: Henry Bowman It also distinguishes between N and P-channel mosfets. Once the connections are correctly made to the mosfet, all testing is done without reversing connections. … Read moreSimple MOSFET Tester and Sorter Circuit

Make this IR Remote Control Range Extender Circuit

433MHz transmitter circuit with infrared TSOP1730 IC

In this post we will learn how to increase or extend the range of an ordinary infra red or IR remote control through a 433MHz RF remote control system. IR Range Extender Concept The idea of this circuit is to feed the IR data from an IR transmitter into the transmitter input of an RF … Read moreMake this IR Remote Control Range Extender Circuit

Patient Drip Empty Warning Indicator Circuit

In this post we will learn about a simple mechanism, and a circuit which will enable a patient’s IV drip bottle system to sound an alarm whenever it gets almost empty, and needs a replacement. The warning circuit will help doctors and the concerned employees to concentrate on other important matters while the drip systems … Read morePatient Drip Empty Warning Indicator Circuit

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