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Cellphone Controlled Dog Feeder Circuit

A GSM module and Arduino based dog feeder circuit is discussed in this post. The system can be used for operating a dog feeder mechanism through the owner’s cellphone whenever it may be required. The idea was requested by Mr. Allan Guillermo through one of his comments Introduction Although all domestic animal species are lovable, … Read moreCellphone Controlled Dog Feeder Circuit

How to Illuminate 1 Watt LEDs with Cell Phone Charger

Nowadays probably all of us have a spare cell phone charger lying idle in our cupboards or table drawers……so wouldn’t it be a great idea if we could employ it like a super bright 1 watt LED driver and illuminate our room with white cool moon light. Circuit Concept As we all know that a 1 watt … Read moreHow to Illuminate 1 Watt LEDs with Cell Phone Charger

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