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3 Best Joule Thief Circuits

Technically it may seem impossible to illuminate a 3.3V LED with a 1.5V source, but the amazing concept of joule thief makes this look so easy and effective, and virtually unbelievable. Moreover the circuit additionally makes sure that not a single drop of “joule” is left unused in the cell. A joule thief circuit is … Read more3 Best Joule Thief Circuits

Make this Buck Converter Using Arduino

In this project we are going to step down 12v D.C to any D.C value between 2 and 11volts. The circuit which steps down the D.C voltage is known as buck converter. The output voltage or step down voltage needed is controlled using a potentiometer connected to arduino. By Ankit Negi INTRODUCTION TO CONVERTERS: There … Read moreMake this Buck Converter Using Arduino

5V, 12V Buck Converter Circuit SMPS 220V

The presented article explains a simple 220V to 5V, 12V, 24V buck converter or an SMPS circuit using the IC VIPer12A from STMicroelectronics. The circuit uses negligible number of external components yet is able to operate directly from mains AC input. The Buck Converter Design Looking at the given circuit diagram we see that the input stage incorporates … Read more5V, 12V Buck Converter Circuit SMPS 220V

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