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How to Make Simple Boost Converter Circuits

simple boost converter circuit using BJT

A couple of simple boost converter circuts are explained in this post, whch can be build and applied by any hobbyists for their own specific requiremenet. What is a Boost Converter A boost converter circuit is a design intended for stepping-up or boosting a small input voltage levels to a desired higher output voltage level, … Read moreHow to Make Simple Boost Converter Circuits

0.6V to 6V/12V Boost Converter Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a 0.6V to 6V or 12V boost converter circuit using a single chip MC74VHC1G14, which uses under 1V to operate. About the IC MC74VHC1G14 Normally, we all know that a silicon transistor would find it difficult functioning below 0.7V, unlike germanium counterparts which are capable of doing it with … Read more0.6V to 6V/12V Boost Converter Circuit

How to Convert 12V DC to 220V AC

The article explains a very simple method of acquiring 220V AC from a 12v DC source. The idea utilizes inductor/oscillator based boost topology with the help of the IC 555. We are quite familiar about inverters which convert a DC potential to higher AC potentials at mains levels. However these units involve complex and expensive … Read moreHow to Convert 12V DC to 220V AC

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