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Earning while you are learning electronics is indeed possible here!!

That's right, anybody having a reasonable knowledge of  electronics and good command over English can become an esteemed, paid contributor to this site.

It's easy.... simply create and send a circuit related article (preferably with an unique concept), and get paid for the submissions.

The written article must fulfill the following critical quality guidelines:

  • Must be written in good grammatically error-free English.
  • Must be technically sound.
  • Must not be plagiarized (but appropriately rephrased articles may be considered)
  •  Each accepted article will be compensated at the rate of Rs.500/- per article (minimum 500 words and a diagram inclusive)

      For more info you may contact at: homemadecircuits @ gmailcom

      23 thoughts on “Learn and Earn”

      1. hi swagatham,
        I hava acasio PT88 model key board(electronic organ) .by mistake instead of ear phone
        socket my don jacked 12v supply there.the n the audio ic,AN 8054 get damaged.is this ic is available to purchase?orany have any datasheet pdf is available?
        if it is not possible can you help me is there any way to repair this gadget please reply….

        • Hi Abdlu, sorry I do not have much idea about this IC, you may have to inquire online to know more regarding its availability….

      2. Hello Swagatam,

        I'm experimenting with Power SCR's and have an issue regarding commutation while switching pure DC. Based on your wide experience, I'd like to know what you feel about an idea of mine, to put a high power MOSFET in parallel with the SCR, so that it can be pulsed, thereby removing the load across the SCR intermittently, and the SCR is made to self commute. Please give me your valuable feedback. Thank you. Tony.

      3. If I have 5 one way switch and 5 indicator or one calling bell.is that possible to connect like when we press 1st switch only first indicator will glow and calling bell ring.like this all are work.it have common that if any switch press the bell is ringing. If it is possible. Plzz show me its connection diagram.

      4. Hi,

        I am interested in designing a sequential LED tachometer circuit for a 12V car. how may i design this circuit, Tachometer signal, is it not in frequency? and i would want the LED's to light up sequentially as the the engine RPM gets higher?

      5. Hello sir give a circuit lm723…0 to 32 volt 10 amp variable circuit with variable current… Many circuit have in Internet… But not right…pls post a good circuit

      6. hi..i'm really thanked if u can solved my problem..

        what i'm trying to do is make a self latch switch that can turn ON siren alarm for 1-10 minutes after switch is connected..

        thanks for sharing..

      7. WOW!
        That is great work Sir.

        Its my time to make my mind active now.
        But, I'm not an Indian Sir. Am I among those to benefit from this?

      8. Hi,i have a computer ups sensation 600VA i want to install two batteries each of 12V 7.2AH in it.Please tell me How i install it in UPS.

        • if the existing batt is also 12V rated, then you can attach the external battery terminals in parallel with the existing one.

          preferably connect diodes in series with positives of each battery…

      9. Sir, please I need a simple low battery disconnect circuit for my inverter. And also I need more explanations on how to get the current trip(0.6/Trip Current) in your previous circuit. Thanks

      10. Hi, swagatam you have published about submitting new thoughts, ckts designs on your blog and earning from them. I am interested in that issue. Will you kindly tell me about this on details??

        • Can you please tell me.. is there any device which can light(ON) through call by other mobile.
          I m interested to buy that kind of device for my experiment.

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