Solar energy is free, but harnessing them efficiently can be a challenge, and could take some serious effort. And this may not be possible unless you know all the little secrets that might be required for converting solar energy into lifetime home electricity. 

Just imagine if you had a full access to the knowledge regarding how to install and run solar panels at will, using battery charger controllers, MPPT units and inverters and you did not had to depend on confusing and costly external inputs, rather had the ability to optimize a solar electricity system by applying your own knowledge, .....sounds too good to be true! Right?


Well now this may be well within your reach, and it's your time to fulfill the above mentioned wish.

What you need to do is put a little effort and time in reading the many exclusively researched articles below, related to solar panel electricity management through controllers and inverters, that would help you to master the subject without spending on long and expensive courses.

Building your own customized solar projects was never so easy, here you can simply read, learn and start implementing your desired projects by going through the simplified instructions as furnished across various related articles... and more favorably, if required get your curiosities cleared by discussing them with me through comment discussions.

A few of the most useful solar projects from this website are listed below for your reference:


Solar Battery Charger

Other Solar Circuits