Precision Temperature Sensor IC LM35 Explained – Celsius Sensor

The IC LM35 is a precision temperature sensor device, which generates linearly proportional output in response to the rising or falling ambient temperature, directly in Celsius.

Understanding the Specs of Temperature Sensor IC LM35

This feature of producing outputs directly in Celsius gives this device an significant edge over the other types of sensors which are based on degree Kelvin, where a conversion to Celsius becomes a relatively complex issue.

The IC LM35 does not need any external setting or adjustments for obtaining accurate results within +/-1/4  degree Celsius at temperatures of room level and at +/-3/4 degree Celsius between a complete -55 to +150 degree Celsius range of temperature.

The IC LM35 has features like linearly varying output, low output impedance and precise built-in calibration arrangement which makes the device very easy and ideally suitable for interfacing with all types of control circuits.

The IC is able to function with dual supplies or even with single polarity power supplies.

A low 60 uA consumption by this IC inhibits the IC from self heating, which amounts to 0.1 degree Celsius in constant air.

  1. The IC LM35 has a good -55 degrees to +150 degrees Celsius sensing range.
  2. The IC comes in a hermetically sealed TO-46 package, other ICs in the series like the LM35C, LM35CA, and LM35D come in the transistor type package of TO-92.
  3. The LM35D comes also in the 8-pin surface laid small outline package and in TO-220 enclosure.


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