How to Make IC 741 Application Circuits – Power Amplifier and Regulated Power Supply Circuits

In this post we discuss a couple of interesting application circuits using IC 741 which includes a simple power amplifier circuit and a regulated power supply circuit

This blog includes many interesting circuits which incorporates the IC 741 as the main active component for implementing the proposed functions. The present post explains yet a couple of more useful IC 741 application circuit ideas especially designed for the new electronic hobbyists.

Power Amplifier Circuit using IC 741

The first circuit diagram shows how the IC 741 can be configured as a high power amplifier circuit. 

Though the maximum power of this amplifier is not more than 4 watts, the amplifier provides relatively good response with the applied frequency. 

The distortion of less than 0.5% and has a bandwidth of over 20kHz. The amplifier requires a minimum input of around 150 mV.

Regulated Power Supply Circuit using IC 741

The next circuit shows the IC 741 being wired up for providing a regulated power supply with an output which can be varied as per ones own requirement.

Basically the IC is configured as a comparator cum driver for the proposed power delivering purpose. The employed zener diode has been included for fixing the non inverting of the IC with a constant refernce voltage.

An additional transistor BC107 has been included for making the circuit short circuit proof and also overload protected.

The output volts can be varied by adjusting the 10 K pot while the maximum current can be set by selecting or varying the 0.6 Ohm resistor appropriately as per the needs.

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  2. i want to make a project in my college about anything with has a ic 741 kindly help me . urgent help is required

  3. Hello Sir,
    I'm building a small 12 V amp using IC 741 and I want to connect it to wall adaptor but the ckt requires a -12 V rail and I want a ckt which inverts the voltage from +12 V rail . I searched on internet for voltage inverter circuit but none suited my requirements as they were all low current ( <200 mA ) . Can you please provide the circuit with minimum current output of 500 mA . Please help . Thank you

  4. hello sir. i would like to know the particular reasons for choosing the values of resistances and the given transistors in the circuit. I badly require it to make a project.

    • the resistor are basically used for dropping voltage at the various nodes that so the IC is able to work at the optimal range. the transistor rating determines the power output range of the amplifier

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