Mains High Low Voltage Protection Circuit with Delay Monitor

The post explains an upgraded version of my previous mains 220V/120V high-low voltage cut off protection circuit which now includes a delayed restoration of power for the load with 3 LED power status indicators. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated members of this website. The Request Dear Swagatam, I just followed you’re … Read more

Transformerless PWM Mains Voltage Stabilizer Circuit

The post discusses a simple circuit design which ensures a perfectly stabilized mains voltage across the connected load, without using relays or transformers, rather by the use of accurately dimensioned and self adjusting PWM pulses. The idea was requested by Mr. Mathew.  The Request Dear S Majumdar, About power optimizer (stabilizer)  I need a simple … Read more

Mains Voltage Stabilizer Circuit without Relays

The article explains a solid state switch-mode mains voltage stabilizer circuit without relays, using a ferrite core boost converter and a couple of half-bridge mosfet driver circuits. The idea was requested by Mr. McAnthony Bernard. The Request Hello Mr Swagatam, Of late i started looking at voltage stabilizers use in house hold to regulate utility … Read more

High Power Industrial Mains Surge Suppressor Explored

The post explains a high energy surge suppressor circuit for suppressing high current mains surges in industrial electrical. The Circuit Problem: Hello, I’ve been reading a lot of your design ideas and I am extremely impressed with your designs. I don’t have anywhere near your level of expertise, but I can follow directions very well. … Read more

Connecting Voltage Regulators 78XX in Parallel for High Current

In this post we investigate how to connect popular voltage regulator ICs such as 7812, 7805 in parallel for acquiring high current output from the ICs. Voltage regulator chips mostly have their maximum current output specs fixed to some predetermined levels. Increasing them to a higher level would normally call for external out board transistors … Read more