Microcontroller Basics – How to Create an SPI Connector from the Programmer to the Microcontroller

By now you might have understood the microcontroller concept to some extent and regarding its ports and pins. Previous (AVR Tutorial – 1) Next (AVR Tutorial – 3) Now it’s time to go a little deeper into the subject and investigate the world of programming. Having said that, before indulging into a program loading procedure … Read more

Microcontroller Basics – Making a Simple Programming Code for an MCU

By now you might have installed the required software and built the SPI interface. Previous (AVR Tutorial – 3) Next (AVR Tutorial – 5) The next step will call for a few components such as a breadboard, an LED and a calculated resistor for the intended application. In this section we’ll learn the testing method … Read more

Microcontroller Basics – How to Transfer a Program into a Microcontroller chip

I hope you might have already constructed the SPI interface as explained in the previous tutorial, and now it’s time to ensure that our computer accepts the programmer that we need to integrate in between the PC and the MCU. Previous (AVR Tutorial – 2) Next (AVR Tutorial – 4) We take a USBTinyISP unit … Read more