Automatic Triac Changeover Circuit for Inverter/Mains

The post discusses a simple automatic triac changeover circuit from mains to inverter and vice versa for ensuring a well isolated inverter mains transfer for the load. This is to eliminate the possibility of the grid energy meter recording the inverter supply consumption in the utility bill. The idea was requested by Mr. Puneet The Request … Read more

Triac Phase Control using PWM Time Proportional Circuit

A triac phase control using a PWM circuit can be useful only if it’s implemented using a time-proportional format, otherwise the response could be haphazard and inefficient. In a few of of my earlier articles as given below: Simple Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Circuit Push Button Fan Regulator with Display Circuit Dimmer Circuit for LED … Read more

Grid Load Power Monitor and Controller circuit for GTI Application

The post explains a circuit idea which can be used as a power monitor and control system for ensuring that only the specified amount of watts is allowed to enter into the allocated socket, as per the maximum calculated wattage of the appliances connected across those points. The idea was requested by Mr. Bob Rudman. … Read more

How to Use Triacs for Controlling Inductive Loads like Transformers and AC Motors

Here we try to investigate a few enhanced triac based phase controller circuits which can be recommended for controlling or operating inductive loads like transformers and AC motors much safely than earlier traditional triac based circuit dimmer circuits.  A Triac is a semiconductor device used for switching AC loads. Normally it is recommended that the … Read more