50V Adjustable Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

A simple yet efficient 220V operated transformerless 50V adjustable power supply circuit using a single IC SR087 is discussed in the following article. The design does not depend on high value capacitors or inductors and yet is capable of delivering 100mA current to the attache load. The Main features of this power supply using the … Read more

Capacitive Power Supply Circuit with Maximum Protection

A comprehensive capacitive power supply circuit having a zero crossing detector, a surge suppressor and voltage regulator is discussed here, the idea was was submitted by Mr. Chamy The Design Hello Swagatam. This is my zero crossing, surge protected capacitive power supply design with voltage stabilizer,i will try to list all of my doubts. (I … Read more

SCR Shunt for Protecting Capacitive LED Driver Circuits

The post presents an effective method for protecting capacitive LED driver circuits through an SCR shunt regulator circuit and explains how it can prevent filter capacitors from blowing of and LEDs from getting destryed.  The remedy was requested by Mr. Max Payne. The Request hi swagatam, 3W, 5W LED bulb circuit design fault. the LED … Read more