Automatic Temperature Control with Fan Motor and Arduino

The project discussed here automatically senses the ambient temperature and adjusts the motor speed to keep the surrounding temperature under control. This automatic processing is done through an Arduino and a temperature sensor IC LM35. By: Ankit Negi OUR OBJECTIVE: 1). As soon as temperature of the surrounding increases beyond 25 degree Celsius (you can … Read more

Incubator Temperature Controller Circuit using LM35 IC

A very simple egg incubator temperature controller thermostat circuit using LM 35 IC is explained in this article. Let’s learn more. An Incubator is a system where bird/reptile eggs are hatched through artificial methods by creating a temperature controlled environment. Here the temperature is precisely optimized to match the natural incubating temperature level of eggs, … Read more

Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuit using Arduino

In this article we are going to construct a simple automatic temperature regulator circuit which will turn on the fan or any other gadgets connected to it, when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-determined threshold level. We are going to utilize DHT11 sensor and arduino for this project. By: Girish Radhakrishnan The beauty of microcontrollers … Read more