How to Select MOV

MOVs or metal oxide varistors are devices designed for controlling mains switch ON surges in electrical and electronic circuits. Selecting an MOV for a particular electronic circuit might require some consideration and calculation, let’s learn the procedures here. Metal oxide varistors or simply varistors are non-linear surge suppressor devices which are used for suppressing sudden, … Read more

Voltage Stabilized Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

The post explains how an ordinary capacitive power supply may be transformed into a surge free voltage stabilized or variable voltage transformerless power supply applicable for almost all standard electronic loads and circuits. The idea was requested by Mr. Chandan Maity. The Circuit Request Dear Swagatam, If you remember, I communicated you sometime before with … Read more

Calculating Capacitor Current in Transformerless Power Supplies

You may have studied countless transformerless power supplies in this blog and in the web, however calculating the crucial mains capacitor current in such circuits has always remained an issue for the many constructors. Analyzing a Capactive Power Supply Before we learn the formula for calculating and optimizing the mains capacitor current in a transformerless … Read more

High Power Industrial Mains Surge Suppressor Explored

The post explains a high energy surge suppressor circuit for suppressing high current mains surges in industrial electrical. The Circuit Problem: Hello, I’ve been reading a lot of your design ideas and I am extremely impressed with your designs. I don’t have anywhere near your level of expertise, but I can follow directions very well. … Read more