Electronic Scoreboard Using IC 4033 Counter Circuit

A simple multi-digit electronic score board system can be built using a basic 4033 IC counter circuit. The whole procedure is explained in the following article. So far we have learned quiet a lot about this interesting IC 4033 through the following posts that have comprehensively discussed the pinouts and cascading procedures of the chip. … Read more

Make a Football Electricity Generator Circuit

The explained football electricity generator circuit was developed by me in response to the request sent by one of the readers Mr.Bright. Though I am not sure if the explained concept would actually give the intended results, it’s worth trying as it’s quite easy to understand and build. https://www.channelstv.com/home/2012/06/18/harvard-students-invent-football-that-generates-electricity/ Designing the Generator There were three things that I had to consider … Read more