110V, 14V, 5V SMPS Circuit

In this post we learn how to apply the IC L6565 for making a compact multi purpose 110V, 14V, 5V SMPS circuit using minimum number of external components. The IC L6565 from ST Microelectronics is designed as a current-mode primary controller chip, to specifically suit quasi-resonant ZVS flyback converter applications. The quasi-resonant implementation is accomplished … Read more

7 Watt LED Driver SMPS Circuit – Transformerless, Current Controlled

The presented 7 watt LED driver circuit is an SMPS based non-isolated, transformerless circuit which ensures a safe current controlled output for the attached LED, it is very affordable to build without  involving complex transformer winding. The aim behind the design of the IC TPS92310 (from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) is to offer a constant current line … Read more

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit – Tutorial

The post details the different methods of configuring a power factor correction circuit or a PFC circuit in SMPS designs, and explains the best practice options for these topologies so that it complies with the modern PFC restriction guidelines. Designing efficient power supply circuits have never been easy, however in the course of time researchers … Read more