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Buck Boost Circuit Using IC 555

The post explains an universal IC 555 based buck-boost circuit which can be used for various different applications involving efficient power processing requirements. Using IC 555 for the Buck-Boost This highly efficient and effective buck-boost circuit using the work horse IC 555 would allow you  to convert an input source voltage to any required degree, … Read moreBuck Boost Circuit Using IC 555

Double DC Input Hybrid Charger Circuit

The following post describes a simple idea which enables the processing of two different sources of DC inputs derived from different renewable sources. This hybrid renewable energy processing circuit also includes a boost converter stage which effectively raises the voltage for the required output operations  such as a charging a battery. The idea was requested by one … Read moreDouble DC Input Hybrid Charger Circuit

5V, 12V Buck Converter Circuit SMPS 220V

The presented article explains a simple 220V to 5V, 12V, 24V buck converter or an SMPS circuit using the IC VIPer12A from STMicroelectronics. The circuit uses negligible number of external components yet is able to operate directly from mains AC input. The Buck Converter Design Looking at the given circuit diagram we see that the input stage incorporates … Read more5V, 12V Buck Converter Circuit SMPS 220V

How Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits Work

SMPS is the acronym of the word Switch Mode Power Supply. The name clearly suggests that the concept has something or entirely to do with pulses or switching of the employed devices. Let’s learn how SMPS adapters work for converting mains voltage to a lower DC voltage. Advantage of SMPS Topology In SMPS adapters the … Read moreHow Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits Work

40 watt Electronic Ballast Circuit

Simple electronic fluorescent ballast circuits are difficult to find and build. A simple homemade electronic 40 watt ballast circuit is neatly explained in this article. The PCB layout of the proposed electronic fluorescent ballast is also provided along with the torroid and the buffer choke winding details. Introduction Even the promising and the most talked … Read more40 watt Electronic Ballast Circuit

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