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Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit – Tutorial

The post details the different methods of configuring a power factor correction circuit or a PFC circuit in SMPS designs, and explains the best practice options for these topologies so that it complies with the modern PFC restriction guidelines. Designing efficient power supply circuits have never been easy, however in the course of time researchers … Read morePower Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit – Tutorial

Calculating Inductors in Buck Boost Converters

In this post we try to understand the method of dimensioning or calculating inductors in buck boost SMPS circuits in order to ensure an optimal performance from these devices. In a few of my earlier posts we comprehensively studied regarding how SMPS buck and boost converters work, and we also deduced a few fundamental formulas … Read moreCalculating Inductors in Buck Boost Converters

Ferrite Core Material Selection Guide for SMPS

In this post we learn how to select ferrite core material with the correct specifications for ensuring proper compatibility with a given SMPS circuit design Why Ferrite Core Ferrite is a wonderful core substance for transformers, inverters and inductors in the frequency spectrum 20 kHz to 3 MHz, owing to the benefits of reduced core … Read moreFerrite Core Material Selection Guide for SMPS

What’s PWM, How to Measure it

PWM stands for pulse width modulation which signifies the variable nature of the pulse widths that may be generated from a particular source such as a discrete IC, MCU, or a transistorized circuit. What’s PWM In simple terms a PWM process is nothing but switching ON and OFF a supply voltage at a particular rate … Read moreWhat’s PWM, How to Measure it

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