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2 Simple Motion Detector Circuits using PIR

PIR with delay ON alarm

The post discuses two simple motion detector circuits using op amp and transistor. We also discuss the pinout details of the standard passive infrared (PIR) sensor RE200B. The first circuit uses an op amp, while the second design works with a single transistor and relay for detecting the IR radiation from a moving human body … Read more2 Simple Motion Detector Circuits using PIR

PIR Sensor Datasheet, Pinout Specifications, Working

PIR Sensor internal composition, layout and configuration

In this post we are going to explore the datasheet of PIR or Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor HC-SR501. We will understand for what purpose PIR sensor is used? Its basic trigger operations, pin connection details, technical specifications and finally we will be looking at some real life applications. We will begin by understanding the actual … Read morePIR Sensor Datasheet, Pinout Specifications, Working

PIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

The post explains a simple circuit using Passive Infrared or PIR for making an automatic solar LED lamp which can be used for illuminating your home automatically at sunset, and only in the presence of a human member in the premise. By SS Kopparthy Introduction Here, in this article, a simple yet useful and improved version … Read morePIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

PIR Triggered Message Player Circuit

In this post we diagnose a PIR activated message player circuit, which was sent by Mr. Norman Kelley one of the dedicated followers of this blog for improvements. Let’s learn more about the design through the following discussions. Triggering Message Playback with a PIR Input I have been working on a project for about a … Read morePIR Triggered Message Player Circuit

Detecting Static Human with PIR

The post explains a method which can be probably used for enhancing a passive infrared sensor ability to detect even a static or stationery human presence. This feature is normally not possible with the conventional PIR sensors. How PIR Detect Human Presence I have already discussed many PIR based motion detector applications in this website, … Read moreDetecting Static Human with PIR

PIR Ceiling Fan Controller Circuit

The post explains a simple automatic PIR controlled fan circuit for school college use, which responds and switches ON only in the presence of a human (students) in the classroom. The idea was requested by Mr. Souren Bhattacharya. Technical Specifications I am, souren bhattacharya, a high school teacher in west bengal. To reduce electricity used … Read morePIR Ceiling Fan Controller Circuit