Understanding Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Wiring

The article provides a detailed explanation regarding the various voltage regulator wiring configurations used in motorcycles. The article was submitted by Mr. Abu-Hafss. Hi Swagatam   After working on different voltage regulators, I feel to share my findings on your blog so that other people may also get benefit. Please insert the diagrams appropriately in … Read more

Brake Lights using Speed Detection Circuit for Motorcycles

The post explains an innovative brake light circuit using speed detection of the vehicle which could be a motorcycle. The circuit implements an advanced brake light switch ON ensuring a much safer riding experience for the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Rayan. The Request  sir.. 1) I have an idea…!! usually brake lights … Read more

Motorcycle Shunt Regulator Circuit using SCR

The circuit presented here is a Rectifier plus Regulator for a 3-Phase charging system of Motorcycles. The rectifier is full-wave and the regulator is shunt-type regulator. By: Abu Hafss    A motorcycle’s charging system is different from that on cars. The voltage alternator or generator on cars are electro-magnet type which are quite easy to … Read more

Over Voltage Protection Circuit for Automotive Load Dump

Transient bus voltages are a significant risk factor to integrated circuits. The maximum breakdown voltage that an integrated circuit may be specified to tolerate is determined by its style and design approach that can be predominantly low for tiny CMOS devices. Introduction Transient or repetitive over voltage circumstances that defeat an IC‘s absolute highest voltage … Read more

Automatic CDI Spark Advance/Retard Circuit for Motorcycles

In this article we learn the method of upgrading the earlier posted advance, retard CDI circuit, to an automatic version using a tachometer and an opamp circuit stages. The idea was requested by Mr. Mike, and designed by Mr.Abu-Hafss. The Request Greetings! Interesting stuff here, im currently laying out traces on CAD and would like … Read more