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10 LED Simple Roulette Wheel Circuit

A very simple 10 LED roulette wheel circuit is shown here. pressing the button starts the LEDs in a rotational motion (sequencing) at full swing initially, and gradually slows down, until it stops to a particular, randomly selected LED. The randomness of the selection depends upon the time for which the push remains switched ON … Read more10 LED Simple Roulette Wheel Circuit

Simple LED Music Level Indicator Circuit

The shown LEDs in the circuit sequentially light and “dance” as per the level of the music applied at the input, preferable directly from the speaker terminals of the audio gadget whose music level is to be monitored. Circuit Operation The proposed LED music level indicator circuit may be understood as follows:The components which support the LED … Read moreSimple LED Music Level Indicator Circuit

5 Simple Water Level Controller Circuits

The article explains 5 simple automatic water level controller circuits which can be used for effectively controlling the water level of a water tank by switching the pump motor ON and OFF. The controller responds depending upon the relevant levels of water in the tank and the position of the immersed sensor points I received … Read more5 Simple Water Level Controller Circuits

Make this Simple Buzzer Circuit with Transistor and Piezo

In this article we learn how to make a very simple circuit for buzzer using piezo electric transducer, two resistors, a small coil and a BC547 transistor. Simple Buzzer using a Single Transistor Just a single transistor, a ferrite inductor, and a piezo transducer, that’s all you will need to make this circuit “buzz” or … Read moreMake this Simple Buzzer Circuit with Transistor and Piezo

10 Automatic Emergency Light Circuits

The article describes a 10 simple automatic emergency light circuits using high bright LEDs. This circuit can be used during power failures and outdoors where any other source of power might be unavailable. The circuit uses LEDs instead of incandescent lamp, thus making the unit very power efficient and brighter with its light output. Moreover, … Read more10 Automatic Emergency Light Circuits

Simple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit

In this post we learn a straightforward procedure for building a simple refrigerator using Peltier device for generating the required cooling effect inside the fridge. How Peltier Device Works We are all familiar with a Peltier device and know how it functions. Basically it works on the principle of thermo-electric effect (opposite of Seebeck Effect) … Read moreSimple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit