MPPT Circuit using PIC16F88 – Code and HEX

The earlier article comprehensively described the circuit details of an MPPT using PIC16F88 microcontroller, here we get the access to the source code for programming the PIC and the HEX file format for the same. This data was donated by: Mr. hisham bahaa-aldeen ( Programming source code for the proposed 12V/24V solar MPPT circuit using … Read more

MPPT Circuit using PIC16F88 with 3-Level Charging

An MPPT as we all know refers to maximum power point tracking which is typically associated with solar panels for optimizing their outputs with maximum efficiency. In this post we learn how to make a PIC16F88 microcontroller based MPPT circuit with a 3-stage charging. This data was donated by: Mr. hisham bahaa-aldeen ( Where an … Read more

ATmega32, Pinouts Explained

The Atmel AVR Atmega32 is a low power CMOS based microcontroller chip manufactured on the AVR advanced RISC architecture. It is featured for carrying out technologically powerful instructions within each of its clock cycles. The chip is also equipped with the capability of achieving throughputs rated at 1MIPS per MHz enabling the system manager to enforce … Read more

Microcontroller Basics – Introduction

One thing is great about microcontroller ICs, these are available almost in all parts of the globe and electronic retailers. Next (AVR Tutorial – 2) Fundamentally microcontroller devices are popularly used in applications involving assessments of the surrounding environment and in similar electronics. You could find these devices being used for displaying a certain parameter, … Read more

Microcontroller Basics – How to Create an SPI Connector from the Programmer to the Microcontroller

By now you might have understood the microcontroller concept to some extent and regarding its ports and pins. Previous (AVR Tutorial – 1) Next (AVR Tutorial – 3) Now it’s time to go a little deeper into the subject and investigate the world of programming. Having said that, before indulging into a program loading procedure … Read more

Microcontroller Basics – Making a Simple Programming Code for an MCU

By now you might have installed the required software and built the SPI interface. Previous (AVR Tutorial – 3) Next (AVR Tutorial – 5) The next step will call for a few components such as a breadboard, an LED and a calculated resistor for the intended application. In this section we’ll learn the testing method … Read more