Remote Control Circuit for Multiple Appliances

The post discusses a simple IR remote control circuit which can be used for controlling many appliances independently through a single transmitter handset. The idea employs ordinary components like IC LM567, IC 555 and does not incorporate microcontroller devices. The idea was requested by Mr. Saeed Abu and also other dedicated readers of this blog. … Read more

Accurate Proximity Detector Circuit

The post explains an accurate infrared (IR) based motion detector circuit which incorporates the IC LM567 for ensuring reliable and foolproof operations. The circuit also works as a obstacle or a proximity detector circuit. The Circuit Concept I found this design on the net while searching for an accurate and reliable yet cheap proximity sensor … Read more

Accurate Infrared (IR) Remote Circuit

The IR remote control circuit discussed here uses a unique frequency and detects only the specified IR frequency from the given remote transmitter unit, making the design entirely failproof, accurate and reliable. Ordinary IR remote control circuits have one big drawback, they easily get disturbed by stray external frequencies, and thus produce spurious toggling of the load. In one … Read more