Material Storage Level Controller Circuit

The post discusses a simple material storage level controller circuit which can be used for automatically activating and deactivating a storage filling motor whenever the storage container is filled to its stipulated threshold level. The idea was requested by Mr Sladjan. The Request Hi Mr Majumdar,I need help with the engine control filling storage where … Read more

How to Make a Simple Laser Communicator Circuit

The article discusses how to make a simple laser communicator circuit for sending and receiving data through laser beam. By Girish Radhakrishnan   Laser has been a boon since its invention. Laser is used in wide variety of applications, from Blu-ray driver to high powered cutting torch. There are also many classifications of laser technologies. Here … Read more

Laser Alarm Circuit for Protecting Field Crops against Animals

The post explains a simple laser alarm circuit which can be installed in farms and fields for detecting all possible intrusions, either by a human or an animal and alarming this to the owner, and ensuring an effective protection to the crops against such intrusions. The idea was required by Mr. Mohammed and Mr. Daniel. … Read more