Infrared (IR) Motor Remote Control Circuit

The article discusses a simple infrared (IR) remote control circuit which is configured for operating a DC motor in response to the switching made from a standard IR remote handset such as a TV remote or a DVD remote. The connected motor can be moved either ways and also can be made to halt. The circuit may … Read moreInfrared (IR) Motor Remote Control Circuit

Single Phase Preventor Circuit

In this post we learn a couple simple circuits which when installed will prevent single phase occurrence in a 3 phase system. Introduction We all know that for operating heavy electrical loads three phase power or AC is required in order to make the functioning efficient and viable. However this necessitates the presence of all the three phases at … Read moreSingle Phase Preventor Circuit

How to Build a Pyro-ignition – Electronic Pyro Igniter system

The following conversation was made by Mr.Tom and me regarding the circuit idea of a pyro-iginition system. I was asked to design the particular circuit idea by Mr.Tom in Technical Specifications The discussion explains the details of his requirement and how it was almost fulfilled by me Hi Swagatam, I was wondering if you … Read moreHow to Build a Pyro-ignition – Electronic Pyro Igniter system

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