Grid Transformer Fire Hazard Protector Circuit

The post explains a smart mains fire hazard protector circuit which can be used for preventing mains grid transformers from over heating and causing sparks or even burning due to a possible fire. The idea was requested by Mr. Ravindra Shedge Technical Specifications I am Ravindra Shedge from Mumbai. I am looking for a circuit … Read moreGrid Transformer Fire Hazard Protector Circuit

SMPS Halogen Lamp Transformer Circuit

One of the best substitutes for traditional light transformer for halogen bulbs is the electronic halogen transformer. It can also be used with non-halogen bulbs and any other form of resistive loads that does not run on RF current. Written and Submitted By: Dhrubajyoti Biswas Halogen Lamp Working Principle The electronic halogen lamp transformer works … Read moreSMPS Halogen Lamp Transformer Circuit

SMPS Welding Inverter Circuit

If you are looking for an option to replace conventional welding transformer, the welding inverter is the best choice. Welding inverter is handy and runs on DC current. The current control is maintained through potentiometer. By: Dhrubajyoti Biswas Using Two Switch Topology When developing a welding inverter, I applied forward inverter with two switches topology. … Read moreSMPS Welding Inverter Circuit

Simple High voltage Generator Circuit – Arc Generator

A simple high voltage generator circuit is explained here which can be used to step up any DC level to about 20 times or depending upon the transformer secondary rating. Circuit Operation As can be visualized in the shown high voltage arc generator circuit diagram, it employs a standard transistor blocking oscillator configuration for generating … Read moreSimple High voltage Generator Circuit – Arc Generator

Automatic Generator Choke Actuator Circuit

The post explains a simple automatic generator choke actuator circuit using a straightforward delay OFF timer circuit and a solenoid device.  The circuit was requested by Mr. Bob Perry. Technical Specifications I’m in need of a time delay schematic for the following project. I have an electric generator that I can start by means of a … Read moreAutomatic Generator Choke Actuator Circuit

10 Step Relay Selector Switch Circuit

The post explains a simple yet useful 10 step selector switch circuit which can be operated using a singe push-to-ON switch. In the following design the circuit is used as a 3 step, single push motor speed controller unit. The circuit was requested by Mr.Edalcor. Technical Specifications hi sir good day to to you, can you please design me a circuit … Read more10 Step Relay Selector Switch Circuit

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